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University English Teaching jobs in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province

English teaching jobs -Univerity in Shijiazhuang city,Hebei province

Ⅰ. Qualifications for Foreign Teachers(外教资格)

1. Age(年龄)

Under 60. (60岁以下)

2. Nationality(国籍):

America, England, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France etc. (美国,英国,,澳大利亚,新西兰,加拿大,爱尔兰)

3. Degree(学历)

Bachelor's degree or higher (本科及以上)

4. Teaching Qualifications(教师资格)

a. For Language Teaching(语言教学):

Teaching experiences .(相关教学经验)

b. For Subject Teaching(专业课教学):

Certain academic background & teaching experiences.(相关学术背景及教学经验)


II. Position Details(需求职位详情)

1. For Language Teaching(语言教学):

English, (英语)

2. For Subject Teaching(专业课教学)

Politics, Economy, Literature, History & Civilization, Education, Psychology, TourismSport, News and Media, Music, Fine Arts, International Business, PhysicInformation Technology, Chemistry  Computer Science, Mathematics


3. Responsibilities(工作职责):

18 hours classes per work(每周18课时)


III. Salary and Benefits (工资和福利)

1.Monthly Salary (RMB)(月薪):

Based on Degree and experiences from RMB7000- RMB 10000per month.(根据学历和教学经验每月7000元至10000元。)

2. Airfare (RMB) (机票补贴):    `

One month salary as trip ticket at the end of a semester.(每个学期末提供一个月的工资作为机票补助。)

3. Winter or Summer Vacation Allowance (RMB) (假期补贴):

One month salary as Winter or Summer Vacation Allowance(一个月的工资作为假期工资。)

4. Holidays(假期):

Summer and Winter holidays, Public Holidays in China. (寒暑假、中国法定节假日)


IV. Housing(住宿条件)

1. Providing free apartment with one bedroom and one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom. (提供一室一厅公寓一套,包括厨房和卫生间)

2. The apartment with basic facilitiesHeating, bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, kitchen utensils, and internet connection.(配备暖气、热水淋浴器、电视、冰箱、洗衣机、家具、厨具及网络)


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